Synonyms of the most commonly used words are given below.

Ability    Accept   Accomplished   According   Acknowledge   Action   Active   Activity   Act   Actually   Advantage   Affect   Aim   Allow   Alternative   Although   Amazing   Ambiguous   Ambition   Analysis   Anger   Angry   Annoy   Appear   Application   Apply   Appreciation   Approach   Appropriate   Argue   Art   Ask   Assess   Assist   Attack Awesome

Bad   Beautiful   Big   Brave   Bright   Calm   Delicious   Dull   False   Famous   Fast   Fat   Good   Great   Gross   Happy   Help   Important   Interesting   Little   Look   Move   Neat   New   Old   Plan   Scared   Story   Strange   Take   Tell   Trouble   True   Ugly

Synonyms are the replacements of words with same meanings and are very essential while writing. Knowing some good synonyms of the most commonly words is important in order to improve your written and spoken English skills.

More synonyms are added regularly on this website for your knowledge and guidance.  

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