How To Avoid Leg And Knee Pain?

Knees are considered as an important joint because they carry our body weight on them. Leg muscles are attached with the bones by tendons and ligaments. By falling, twisting or over extending our knees easily get sprained. Knee injuries get very painful specially in winters.

To avoid this you may like to take following remedial measures:

1. Reduce your weight (if you are over weight). As excessive body weight put more pressure on your leg joints.

2. High heels particularly pencil heel are more risky for twisting your ankle and knees. So opt for plain or supportive heels.

3. Running downhill puts all the pressure on your knee joints. Be careful and avoid such situations. If running is must the run slowly.

4. Reduce the use of sodium (salt) in your diet.

5. Exercise regularly. This will keep your joints well toned up and you will be less prone to injuries.

6. Avoid repeated, jarring motions on hand and rough surfaces.

7. Deep knee bends should be avoided. However if you need then warm up before going for the exercise.

8. If need be use a cane to take weight of the painful knee.

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