Maxman Delay Spray

Maxman spray in Pakistan for men to increase their sex time.

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About Maxman Delay Spray in Pakistan

Maxman spray in Pakistan is considered as one of the best delay spray for men available in the market. Maxman delay spray is imported from Germany and is not only cheaper but also of superior quality than other brands of its kind. Maxman spray is just like normal external spray that reduces the sensitivity of the male organ and increases sex time to a considerable length. This spray is good for men with complaints of premature ejaculation due to any reason.

No serious side effects have been reported of Maxman delay spray, except short duration of tingling sensation in some men with extra sensitive skin and that to finish within minutes until it is fully absorbed in the skin. Overuse of everything is bad and same is the case with Maxman spray, that if sprayed more than the required amount will make it difficult to achieve second erection to quickly. You may require more time to achieve second erection, that is why it is always better to test and try before the final game.

The amount required or the number of sprays are different for every man because the skin thickness and sensitivity level is different for everyone. You have to test and experiment yourself about it. Normally 2-4 short sprays at the tip of the male organ will suffice. However some men with extra sensitive organ skin or men with severe premature ejaculation problem may require more Maxman spray to last longer.

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