Moments Delay Wipes

Delay wipes to last longer and increase your pleasure.

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Delay Wipes Overview

Moments delay wipes are specially made exotic wet tissues that you have to rub on your male organ about 5-10 minutes before having sex. The delay wipes will have a desensitizing effect on your organ and you will be able to control your climax and have sex for longer duration

You can order Moments Delay Wipes from us with full confidence and satisfaction. We will ship the delay wipes in plain packing with no sign or information about the product written on the parcel.

There are 10 pieces of delay wipes in a box. Delay wipes usually contain sildenafil and menthyl lactate to create numbing feeling that reduces sensitivity and you have better climax control and enjoy the intimate moments for much longer duration.

Rubbing Moments delay wipes onto your penis, sildenafil and menthyl lactate will be absorbed into the skin of your penis and it will reduce the sensitivity level and will provide you with the maximum amount of happiness and glorious moments. To delay their climax several men also prefer delay sprays to perform better in bed.

There are no harmful or serious delay wipes side effects reported till now, it may cause a cooling or irritation to your organ but that is temporary and will vanish after some times and there is nothing to serious to worry about.

Delay Wipes Ingredients

Natural ingredients are used in delay wipes. Following are the ingredients which are used generally for all types of delay wipes.

  • Glycerin
  • Aqua
  • Hypericum extract
  • Avena Sative Extract
  • Alcohol Denat
  • Menthyl Lactate
  • These natural ingredients ensure that your penis stays safe irrespective of repeated use of delay wipes. If you have a delay wipe in your pocket, it means you are ready for the extreme pleasure whenever you get a chance.

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