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PakOwn ladies shop online to buy fashion and health products online at the comfort of their home or office. We have established this shop exclusively for ladies who have no less time to roam around the markets in order to get their desired products. Soon you will find lot of products for ladies on this page as we are in the process of searching for the best sellers of genuine products.

Online shopping for ladies is a new concept through which ladies can shop different products by ordering online at the comfort of their home. Of course privacy is the right of every body and ladies beauty and wellness products are surely of private nature for ladies. We cater for your privacy more than 100 % and all the ladies products are specially packed with no mark or trace about the product.

So you can order the product you require without any hesitation. We ship ladies product in every city of Pakistan, FREE delivery is provided for the products whose price is Rs. 1000, otherwise standard delivery charges are levied.

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